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Elevate Your Personal Style for 2016
February 6, 2016

Nobody likes the phrase "new year new me" however the new year is the perfect time to implement new goals and habits to change for the better.   Set high goals and look great achieving them. Let this year be your most fashionable! Here are 4 ways to elevate your personal style in 2016:

Set Style Goals!

Fash 1The ultimate way to elevate personal style is to set style goals. Create a fashion vision board for the new year. Evaluate your personal style and see where you want to grow. Maybe in 2016 you want to incorporate more color in your wardrobe or dress a little more sophisticated. Creating tangible goals make them easier to attain. Another way to do this is to follow various fashion blogs and bloggers or choose a celebrity whose style you closely admire. Take notes from what they have worn previously and keep up with them on social media to see what they are wearing now. Having a fashion role model will make it easier when you feel like you have hit a dead end. Try to follow a blogger or celebrity who has a similar body shape and style. They will wear things that you thought you couldn't!!


Mrs. GQ

Men areFash 2 not the only ones who can rock a formal suit. Whether it is also 2 piece skirt combination or a 3 piece pants suit, the sophisticated style is perfect for the werking woman. Invest in one or two suits and go the extra mile to get it tailored. The fit is key for pulling off an androgynous look. For proper suit-fitting guidelines click here! Wow the office at the next business meeting or floor your social circle at the next outing in a chic suit! There are several ways to wear a suit. Below, the delicate styling softens up the power suit. Show them you mean business! Superstar Janelle Monae always looks fabulously tailored in her suits.




Switch Your Style

Personal style is not just clothing and accessories. Personal style is reflected in makeup and hair as well. A huge way to elevate personal style for 2016 is to change your hair. Rumor has it a lady who changes her hair is about to change her life. Maybe you have been contemplating a haircut go for it. Now is the perfect chance to big chop, get bangs or add layers. Maybe it's already short and you go for a bold color or add extensions. Either way, new hair gives a confidence boost as well as opens the door for more change! Get a consultation with your hair stylist to find the perfect hairdo for the new 2016 you!   Need some inspiration? Hop on Instagram and visit @TheCutLife or their website www.livethecutlife.com . The divas running the page blog short and long haircuts for everyone!


Fresh Kicks

Fash 3

It has officially happened. Sneaker culture is becoming one with the fashion world. Sneakers can now be just as fashion forward and stylish as a pump. Get one (or 10 lol) fashionable sneakers to slay your chic weekend wear. You know what they say, if the shoe fits, buy it in every color! A lot of times, sneakers can be hard to come by. The sense of exclusiveness is coveted by many self-proclaimed "sneakerheads". Do not worry. There is no need to stand in an overnight line for fresh kicks. Below are 3 fashion sneaker choices and where to purchase them.

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