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Healthy is the new SEXY!
March 5, 2016

Your health is your wealth!

It's 2016 and if you haven't realized that your health is in your hands--you are behind! Your life literally depends on how well you treat yourself and how seriously you take your health. It drives me crazy when I hear people use the excuse that they're "going to die anyway" to make poor choices. Don't get me wrong, perfection is unrealistic but you could at least strive for 80/20.

As long as 80% of the choices you make are healthy, the other 20% won't kill you.

In episode 7 of Lunch at the Loft, LB and I are talking about the importance of being healthy" MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

Watch the episode below and be sure to tune in LIVE every Thursday 12NOON EST on Periscope @SingleWivesClub


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